Dynamic editable menus showcase the power of signchros full layering and customisation abilities.

Menus created within signchro are not flat images, they are easily edited and updated as prices change, quantities diminish, or events are scheduled or over.

With access to our comprehensive free content library along with full scaling, colour, font and transform tools you can have the menu you want in a fraction of the time, at an amazingly low cost.

Real-time data
Clocks, weather, and news feeds mean your guests stay up to date with the world around them
Free placement
Give your menu the look and feel you desire with full drag & drop placement, and incredibly flexible style controls. Mix and match menus with labels, animations, slideshows, full scheduling, and our online content library.
Edit from anywhere
Dynamically adjust your menu contents straight from your wireless remote. Update the days specials, functions and events easily from the palm of your hand.

Menus aren't limited to just one screen or layout.

With our object oriented approach, displays can be made from multiple menus alongside slideshows & videos.  Change your menus entirely for lunch and dinner service, and display rolling advertisements when the menus aren't required.

Have a chain of similar restaurants or cafes?  Easily clone the same menu across multiple sites to reduce maintenance - adjust the items or prices just once and watch it filter through to all displays.

Menus aren't just limited to restaurants

Directional & Wayfinder boards can be created using the same objects.  Guide your customers in style.

For more information about the wayfinder features of signchro, click here

Powered by signchro

An advanced digital signage platform which is the result of over 8 years of research, development, and commercial successes.  Our aim is to reduce the overall support costs typically associated with traditional digital signage systems, while improving the flexibility of the system.

Signchro has achieved this by a number of key factors:

  • Source the most energy efficient players with the least moving parts, yet with amazing power to drive the most animated displays
  • Significantly reduce IT support requirements by moving the content management to the cloud
  • Reduce the complexity of Audio/Video setups by allowing direct-to-tv cabling options as standard
  • Lower graphic (and graphics software) costs by providing the integrated tools and stock to create any attention grabbing display

These along with other features and advancements allow for a high quality digital signage solution without the complexities and limitations of others.

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